We have partnered with Kaizenovate to offer this great mobile app to our partner chiropractors! Kaizenovate’s proprietary technology provides optimized solutions for a FRACTION of what other apps cost!

Improving healthcare through technology, Kaizenovate developed the Kanvas App to support patients in their adherence to chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment plans. In addition to providing scheduling requests and patients’ specific home exercise video library, the platform promotes patient engagement through gamification, providing points every time a patient attends their visits, which can be redeemed for healthcare products and services designed to maximize patient outcomes.

“A patient’s adherence to the recommendations of their healthcare provider is the primary determinant of treatment success, often critical when the prescribed healthcare treatment involves chiropractic and physiotherapy to treat acute, subacute, and chronic musculoskeletal pain,” said Dr. Jay Greenstein, CEO of Kaizenovate.



App Benefits and Features:

  • New Patient Acquisition
  • Improve Patient Adherence
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Video Home Exercise Integration
  • Internal Referral Automation
  • One Touch Connection with Your Practice
  • And MORE!

More Information:

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