MichiCare Partnering with Breakthrough Coaching to Provide Multidisciplinary Practice Management Consulting Services

MichiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, is proud to announce a partnership with Breakthrough Coaching, a national leader in the creation and development of multidisciplinary practices, to provide multidisciplinary practice management consulting services.

“At MichiCare, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care to their patients,” said Donald M. Reno, DC, Executive Director of MichiCare. “We believe that a multidisciplinary healthcare model is the future of healthcare, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through collaborative, patient-centered care. Breakthrough Coaching shares this goal, and we are excited to see where our partnership can go moving forward.”

“We are honored that MichiCare has chosen to endorse Breakthrough Coaching as their official Multidisciplinary Practice Management Consultant” – Dr. Mark Sanna

A multidisciplinary practice is one that provides both allopathic and holistic therapies with a two-pronged “corrective” and “wellness” approach. Multidisciplinary practices are on the cutting-edge of the battleground of integrating chiropractic into the mainstream of healthcare. There is a clear scope of practice between allopathic and chiropractic healthcare, and multidisciplinary practices provide patients with the best of both disciplines. For more on multidisciplinary practices, click here.

Amazing recent changes in Michigan law now allow chiropractors to partner with like-minded MDs, DOs and/or podiatrists (and under certain circumstances, physician assistants) to form professional corporations or professional limited liability companies.

The change to a multidisciplinary model requires several preliminary steps and the creation of the proper corporate structure that will provide the most benefit to the practice’s patients. Breakthrough Coaching’s Personal Coaches can help chiropractors looking to employ a multidisciplinary practice model:

    • Recruit, interview and hire medical and professional personnel
    • Select ancillary procedures, products and services to diversify your revenue
    • Plan for capitalization needs for changeover and monthly operating expenses
    • Assist in the selection of the appropriate corporate structure
    • Systematize training for each department and discipline
    • Employ proper billing and coding procedures
    • Establish streamlined administrative protocols
    • Delegate responsibilities and job functions
    • Develop relationships with community-based physicians
    • Implement effective Quality Assurance & Compliance Programs
    • Operate a legal and ethical practice by adhering to Breakthrough Coaching protocols

Creating a multidisciplinary practice provides chiropractors the opportunity to offer chiropractic care to a larger segment of the population, many of whom may never have sought out chiropractic otherwise.

How can MichiCare help your practice?

MichiCare and our TEAM of experts can assist your practice in the following ways: