The Right Coach Will Make It Easier for You to Overcome the Obstacles You’re Facing Now…. and Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster


MichiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, is proud to announce a partnership with The Remarkable Practice, a chiropractic consulting company and national leader in assisting chiropractors in optimizing each “season” of their career. Thanks to this partnership, MichiCare Service Organization clients receive a Strategy Call with a coach from The Remarkable Practice at no charge.

“I am extremely pleased to announce this partnership with The Remarkable Practice,” said Donald M. Reno, DC, Executive Director of MichiCare. “Their innovative “4 Seasons” approach can help chiropractors – in whatever phase of practice – navigate their next steps and maximize their ability to provide the best possible patient care.”

There Are 4 Seasons to the Chiropractic Career: Launch, Build, Scale, and Exit

The Remarkable Practice helps chiropractors build a Remarkable Practice while building a Remarkable Life through coaching on new patient attraction, conversion, retention, and team building. Regardless of what “season” of your career you’re in, The Remarkable Practice is here to help. The 4 seasons of a chiropractic career are:

  1. Launch: You’re in your first year of practice – You want predictable and consistent growth. You need to be seeing more people and making more money.
  2. Build: You’ve opened a practice with systems in place – you want growth. Bigger impact, bigger income, and to build a bigger team.
  3. Scale: You’re leveraging systems and associates – your job is now a business. You need to optimize your impact, income, and time while building to sell.
  4. Exit: You’re looking to exit in the next one-three years. You need to know your options so you can exit profitably and gracefully.

The Remarkable Practice will help you optimize the season that you are in so that you can experience more certainty, impact, and abundance – and then help you navigate into your next season so that you can enjoy greater freedom, clarity & peace of mind.

Whether you’re just starting out in Launch, trying to navigate Build, focusing on Scale, or prepping to Exit, we will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to optimize the season that you’re in… all with an eye on the future.

For more information or to book your FREE Strategy Call with a coach from The Remarkable Practice, click here.

About MichiCare

There is a lot to manage in any chiropractic practice. Coding, compliance, billing… all take significant time and effort and can monopolize a doctor’s valuable time. The administrative burden faced by many practices is unsustainable.

That’s why MichiCare has created MichiCare Service Organization (MSO), a management services organization designed with the special needs of chiropractors in mind. MichiCare Service Organization offers turn-key solutions for new and existing chiropractic practices, helping practices thrive in the ever-changing health care environment of the 21st Century. Services include billing, verification of benefits, practice consulting, integrated practice assistance, healthcare IT solutions, legacy practice transition, marketing, practice sales, administrative functions, and more.

MichiCare Service Organization will help chiropractors leverage their resources efficiently to focus on what they do best – provide exceptional clinical care to their patients.

How can MichiCare help your practice?

MichiCare and our TEAM of experts can assist your practice in the following ways: